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“A fascinating array of fantastic characters and creatures. There are some real heroes and even redemption for one man. Great battle scenes, wonderfully detailed. A sense of a long past behind this story, and a vast geography. I can’t wait for the next book.”

        — Ralph Williams, Granada Hills, CA


“Chasing Fate is a rollicking good fantasy featuring an appealing new species, warring tribes, juicy villains, but with underlying wholesome themes of goodness and kindness. It screams SEQUEL! SEQUEL!”

        — Bobbie Carlson, Quartz Hill, CA


“Lorgi, the main character, is one of the most engaging and enchanting I’ve encountered in books. The author has a knack for descriptive writing that draws the reader into each scene and event. I found myself staying up later than usual because I had to know what happens next. I look forward to following Lorgi’s exploits in future books. It’s a fun read!”

        — Kathy in Hollywood:


“The scope and variety are impressive: profoundly touching moments of hope, love, despair, humor, altruism, and especially strong action sequences. (Gordon read too much history or was a general in some ancient, past life.) I especially liked the lab scene, the Gran Vazuk (!), and Klimgu’s character growth. Unlike so many novels, descriptions are economical—thank God! This saga covers a lot of ground and changes many lives in a short time. It feels like you are watching a very skillfully-directed movie.”

        — Peter Salter, Lincoln, NE


“Chasing Fate: A Snowdragon’s Odyssey is a gem of a read. Gordon Lazarus has created a magical world that envelopes the reader in a new culture and society. The added touch of a new language along with vivid descriptions of the characters truly takes the reader into a world of fantasy and adventure. The author’s vivid imagery creates the horrors of war, and conversely the beauty of the life and traditions of the snowdragons. A great read!”

        — Lynn Ennis. San Diego, CA


“Writing style is easy to follow, yet rich in detail. Descriptions were excellent for imagery without being overwhelming, unlike many books of similar genre. I was really impressed by how easily I could imagine each scene. I loved the diversity of characters. They all seemed so realistic and I found it natural to sympathize with them. I loved the complexity of the different story lines, and getting multiple perspectives on related situations.”

        — Jessica Anderson, Berkeley, CA


“All I can say is brace yourself for a fantastical journey of the imagination! I found Gordon Lazarus’ new book Chasing Fate to be so vividly written and captivating that it instantly transports you to a world like no other!”

        — Gabriel Tristan, Van Nuys, CA


“I thoroughly enjoyed Chasing Fate. It was extremely interesting yet easy to follow. All of the characters captured my attention, and were fun and unique. I found this book very difficult to put down. I absolutely cannot wait for another one to come out, and would highly recommend it to anyone, whether you enjoy fantasy or not. The bits of languages created for this book greatly added to the story.”

        — Ally Rossmango, Lancaster, CA


 “What a delightful and spellbinding read! As Chasing Fate follows the journeys of Lorgi, it intertwines great values, while introducing fresh characters into its ever-changing plot. It does not rely on the black magic of many other fantasy books. The descriptions make you feel like you are actually there. I can’t wait for the 2nd book.”

        — Jenny Hunter, Acton, CA


“Chasing Fate was an amazing read and so hard to put down! I loved the fast-paced adventures experienced by Lorgi the snowdragon, and having several story lines going at the same time. I can only hope there will be more books to come.”

        — Sam Rossmango, Lancaster, CA


“Lazarus weaves a richly detailed tapestry with characters both human and magical, from the comic relief of Rokímba to the impulsive innocence of the hero, Lorgi. The depth of character development and vivid descriptions really draws you into this story, set in an alternate world. We highly recommend this colorful, intricate, fascinating tale.”

        — Kathleen & Blaine Laumbach, Lancaster CA


“Read it twice. Not a story you read in short bits, because you want to know what happens next. The chapter turns between Lorgi and Serukeeba really propelled the story. You know they will have to reunite eventually, but wonder how. I loved the moral themes of friendship, love, and ‘yes you can’ or Lorgi’s faith in his ability to help others, and turning bad guys into good ones. The descriptions are short but vivid; you could feel the wind, heat, cold, damp, etc. Especially liked that it was high fantasy, without any strings to our world.

        — Linda Coyle, Van Nuys, CA


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***** “A rollickin’ good read!” - By allaroundgal50

“For fantasy lovers or anyone who wants a good read, I highly recommend Gordon Lazarus’ new novel. His well thought out story line is captivating and easy to follow. His characters come alive on the pages. Their adventures are exciting and the setting is fascinating. I must say that while this is a story of a young dragon, it is not for youngsters, but teens and adults will enjoy it immensely. By the end of the book, I was already looking forward to a sequel.”


***** “Pleasantly surprised” – By Tiny Dancer

 “Lazarus’s vivid imagery immerses the reader into an enchanting world. Lazarus uses beloved archetypal themes such as loyalty, adventure, romance, and violence, but expresses them in a unique and very intriguing story. Chasing Fate is a great read not only for fans of the genre, but for anyone with an appreciation for creativity.”


**** “A good yarn” - By Barbara M. Trevino

“I was hooked by the end of the first chapter. Chasing Fate is a good yarn with exciting battle scenes and compelling characters. It is a very complete fantasy world. I really could not stop reading until I finished it. I hope there will be a sequel because I want to find out what Lorgi does when he is a grown snowdragon. I totally recommend it to lovers of fantasy fiction.”


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